Safely inspect bridges, wind turbines, solar farms and large land masses for a true risk assessment.
Our Markets
  • We combine 75+ years of utility expertise with precision mapping technologies for the utmost intelligence in construction planning and project management.
  • Our mapping and 3D modeling technology come with planning tools such as volumetric and elevation measurements for the utmost precision and accuracy.
  • Easily visualize site layout, ensuring adequate sunlight, ingress and egress routes and material staging.
  • Mapping technology combined with multi-hour capable drones and artificial intelligence to efficiently scan fields and deliver a true measurement and assessment of potential risk.
  • Precision mapping using 3D modeling, LiDAR, photogrammetry and other tools optimize planning and project management before, during and after construction.
  • Ensure optimal infrastructure performance thanks to the combination of our 3D modeling technology and engineering expertise.
  • Easily visualize site layout for adequate ingress and egress as well as material staging.
  • Document progress and pinpoint inventory.
  • Ensure optimal infrastructure performance with multi-hour capable drones and artificial intelligence.
  • Maximize affordability over time with change-detection analysis and, in many cases, full automation of drone flights.
  • Valmont’s 3D mapping and modeling services are designed to enhance all stages of lighting and transportation infrastructure in a manner that minimizes traffic disruption and delivers details only possible with drone-based technologies. 
  • Services are designed to enhance all engineering activities to include precision planning, asset inventory, post-construction inspection to ensure it was built right and maintenance inspections to ensure a long service life.
  • With a nationwide Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) waiver and multi-hour capable drones, large areas can be quickly scanned day or night to minimize or eliminate in some cases, traffic disruption. 
  • Mapping services include LiDAR based topo maps, LiDAR structural scans, hyper-spectral photogrammetry, area mapping and modeling.
  • Valmont’s high-resolution mapping models come with planning tools such as volumetric and elevation measurements.
  • Easily visualize site layout to ensure adequate ingress and egress routes and material staging.
  • Be certain your assets were built-to-plan, built-to-code and built-to-industry standards.
  • Valmont as-built inspections also include delivery of engineering certification and telecom tower performance.
01. Engineering
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Our mapping services include:
Light detection and ranging, or LiDAR is the number-one choice for site planning and engineering. And it’s no wonder: with it, you can build precise models of vegetation surfaces, bare earth or whatever topography you need. Along with our engineering services, LiDAR is key for assessing structural integrity, designing retrofits and performing as-built inspections and utility dynamic line ratings.
Photo-based mapping and 3D modeling combine with the most sophisticated drone technology and pilots for accurate, true-to-life representations of both structures and land. Valmont ® photogrammetry is often the ideal tool for sparsely vegetated and bare earth settings. And because it’s photo-based, it also offers the context to perform asset-condition assessments for our non-destructive technicians, linemen and engineers.

Are your solar projects built—and being built—according to plan and code? Are they meeting performance targets? Valmont pre-construction and as-built inspection begin with high-resolution LiDAR and photogrammetry 3D models. With the models, our engineers can accurately analyze topography and shading down to the centimeter. After construction, they can digitally compare plans with reality while certified thermographers accurately assess panel performance. Any discrepancies are then combined with models, so you have a geo-referenced, visual report of any and all issues.


High-definition mapping and modeling capabilities are one thing. Decades of infrastructure engineering expertise are everything else. Be certain your project was built to plan, built to code and built to perform as safely as possible. Our inspections start with LiDAR data collection with high-frequency drone-based scanners so you’ll have the utmost detail in structure, line and right-of-way detail. Our multi-hour-capable drones and BVLOS waiver, allow for long, consistent scans to give you the most accurate ratings.

Lighting and Transportation

Bridges, intersections, highways—our services provide the critical mapping and asset modeling you need. It’s all possible with our high-definition, drone-based technology and decades of engineering experience. We start with an aerial scan using LiDAR and/or photogrammetry. From there, our engineers can accurately compare what’s actually happening versus construction plans and codes. Any discrepancies are visually and geographically referenced. Maps and point clouds enrich GIS libraries for future analysis.


Map every stage of every telecom and broadcast asset throughout its lifecycle. Our sophisticated technology, combined with the most experienced engineers in the business assure that it was built-to-plan and built-to-industry standard. Our post-construction, as-built inspection service starts with a structure assessment by Valmont certified non-destructive technicians. The assessment is enhanced by a high-resolution 3D photogrammetry model. Our engineers ensure construction conforms to industry standard and will stand the test of time.

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