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Innovative tools like long-range drones, high-resolution imaging, and artificial intelligence keep expenses low and infrastructure reliability high.
Steeped in experience that is accented by technology, we sweat the small stuff and report on the details that matter to you.
Our Markets
  • The right combination of asset management technology and infrastructure specialists saves money and increases operation yields—especially when backed by Valmont’s 75+ years of infrastructure expertise.
  • Highly certified UAS crews with ASCEND™ Level II certification that exceeds FAA requirements.
  • Thermography-certified NDTs, augmented by artificial intelligence, perform thermal scans and analyses for the fastest, most accurate results.
  • Precision inspections combined with our state-of-the-art mapping technology and asset management systems geo-reference and prioritize issues to ease repairs and maintenance forecasting.
  • Perform annual drone scans of complete solar facility at a fraction of traditional terrestrial-based systems.
  • Drone solutions and UAS pilots backed by the best inspection know-how in the business, honed over 75 years in infrastructure engineering.
  • As-built inspections at line-commissioning phase ensure that lines are built according to plan, to code and to maximum performance levels.
  • Maintenance inspections actually focused on improving performance, not just maintaining it.
  • A cohesive and highly specialized team that includes ASCEND certified UAS pilots, veteran linemen, AAMP-certified corrosion technicians and AWS/ASNT certified nondestructive technicians.
  • The full support of an in-house engineering team that’s virtually unmatched in the industry.
  • Performance inspection program that captures over 30% more discrepancies than traditional methods.
  • PowerShift reporting system for a full assessment of asset health at both the system and asset level.
  • The right combination of drone technology and veteran pilots saves money and boosts safety and productivity for your whole team—especially when backed by Valmont’s 75+ years of infrastructure expertise.
  • As-built inspection assures that assets were built according to plan and code, and also helps determine performance.
  • The right combination of long-range drone systems and high-resolution LiDAR scanners—plus the expertise to get the job done right.
  • Safer, more reliable, more efficient maintenance inspections and the tools to quickly scan assets while providing improved detail over traditional methods—with little to no traffic disruption.
  • A team of utility experts that includes ASCEND certified UAS pilots, AAMP-certified corrosion technicians, AWS/ASNT certified nondestructive technicians that are supported by a wide range of engineers for the ultimate peace of mind.
  • Inspections performed by Valmont drones and highly trained pilots ensure tower reliability, safety, and compliance with standards—not to mention improved actionable details and greater efficiencies over traditional methods.
  • Fly & climb TIA inspections with Valmont mean the entire structure is documented and analyzed under TIA standard TIA-222-H.
  • Maximize inspection services by having our team perform other mission-critical tasks while we’re there—3D tower mapping, line of site reporting and modeling, spectrum analysis, structural and appurtenance cleaning and galvanized coating repair.
  • Our asset management system PowerShift, provides data which is analyzed by a team of AAMP-certified corrosion technicians, AWS/ASNT certified nondestructive technicians supported by our in-house engineers.
Our inspection services include:
Inspection Data Analysis
Valmont’s expert team of utility linemen, nondestructive technicians, corrosion technicians, weld inspectors and engineers is virtually unmatched. We conduct inspections according to ASCE, AASHTO, ASNT, TIA, IEEE, AAMP and other industry standards. Our ultra-high-resolution displays and powerful data analysis is all about helping you make the smartest assessments.
Risk & Time Base Reporting
Infrastructure maintenance is one thing. Weighing risk and time is everything else. Our powerful data analysis tools assess the health of your entire portfolio at both the system and asset level so you can plan to succeed. When repairs are needed, our highly detailed analysis keeps costs down and efficiency high.
With Valmont®, you’ll have expert pilots and multi-hour drone inspections of your complete facility at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems. Mapping and asset management services keep you ahead of the game for repairs and maintenance. We augment thermography-certified NDTs with artificial intelligence to perform the most efficient, accurate inspections. And, our solar tools and expertise are backed by 75+ years of infrastructure experience.
As-built inspections ensure your lines are built according to plan and code. An unmatched team of engineers, UAS pilots and veteran linemen. End-to-end asset health management assessments. With us, even routine inspections are about improving performance—not just maintaining it.
Lighting and Transportation
We perform safer, more reliable, efficient maintenance inspections with little to no traffic disruption. All with the right combination of multi-hour drones and high-res LiDAR scanners in the right hands—an expert team of pilots, technicians and inhouse engineers. And our 75+ years in infrastructure for the ultimate peace of mind.

Tower mapping, line-of-site reporting and modeling, spectrum analysis, structural cleaning—these are just a few of the ways Valmont inspections help you keep people connected. Multi-hour drones and data analysis—provided by the best team in the business—ensure tower reliability, safety and compliance.

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